If you have questions in regards to Suunto Product, Warranty, Returns or Technology, call 800-543-9124 or click on the appropriate link below to get all the answers.

Suunto Product Guarantees:
Suunto Baseplate compasses carry a lifetime guarantee to be free of defects in material and workmanship Suunto Wristop Computers, Handheld Electronics and Professional Compasses carry a two year guarantee to be free of defects in material and workmanship Suunto Orca/Pilot Compasses carry a three year guarantee to be free of defects in material and workmanship.Thommen products carry a two year guarantee to be free of defects in materials and workmanship

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Basic Suunto Return Policy
1. Basics The following instructions establish a consistent policy for accepting warranty returns from Suunto distributors and retailers, as well as for repairing or replacing products returned to Suunto USA. Products may be repaired or replaced. Crediting to Retailer/ Distributor may be available only if agreed upon in advance by Suunto USA management. Retailer/Distributor must provide Suunto with written notice of all products returned under warranty within one (1) month from date of return to retailer/distributor.
2. 30-Day Policy If a customer finds a product faulty and returns it within 30 days from purchase date, it can be directly replaced with the same product. Diving products can be returned after the first dive so long as it occurs within two (2) months from purchase date. Retailer/distributor is obliged to check that the product has not been misused and fulfills warranty conditions (including original purchase receipt and packaging with instruction manuals).
• Retailer will receive a replacement product from Suunto USA after returning faulty product (description of the fault must be included).
3. Suunto USA Limited Product Warranty Suunto USA warrants that the Product, in the course of its normal use, will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the Warranty Period indicated in the owner’s manual. This warranty does not cover any damage to this product that results form accident, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification. The Limited Warranty commences from the purchase date appearing on the original retail purchase receipt. Please note that Proof of Purchase (Copy of the Invoice) is required on all products for warranty replacement.

Disclaimers: The foregoing limited warranty is Suunto USA’s sole warranty and is applicable only to products sold as new. The remedies provided herein are in lieu of A) all other remedies and warranties, whether exposed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose, and B) all obligations and liabilities of Suunto USA for damages, including, but not limited to, accidental consequential, or special damages, or any financial loss, lost profits or expenses, or lost data arising out of or in connection with the purchase, use or performance of the product, even if Suunto USA has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The decision of Suunto USA shall be final and binding with regard to the condition of return product and eligibility for repair or replacement.
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How do I return a product that is still under warranty? Retailer/Distributor should always encourage their customers with faulty Suunto products to contact Suunto USA directly at 1-800- 543-9124 and obtain a Return Authorization (RMA) or go online to and click on the ‘‘customer care’’ section for full details on how to send in your Suunto for warranty and repair. However if it’s the retailer/distributor policy to service their customer directly the following guidelines should be followed: The retailer/distributor should ensure that a return fulfills Suunto USA’s terms of warranty:
• Warranty period
• There must be a real fault with the product and not user error.
• A detailed description of the fault must be enclosed
• No evidence of misuse (mechanical or otherwise). Retailer/distributor/customer must contact the Suunto USA Warranty Department Customer Service at 1-800-543-9124, prior to any return to obtain authorization and instructions. The Suunto USA Service Center will then repair or replace the unit, at its sole discretion.
• If the retailer/distributor has provided the customer with a replacement unit, retailer/distributor will receive a replacement product for resale.
• If the retailer/distributor refunds cash to the customer, retailer will receive a replacement product for resale.
Crediting to Retailer/Distributor may be available only if agreed upon in advance by Suunto USA management. In this case Retailer/Distributor cannot take a deduction on payment of regular invoices until a credit has been issued by Suunto USA.
Suunto Service Request
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How do I return a product that is out of warranty?
When retailer/distributor receives a product out of warranty (i.e. outside of the warranty period, evidence of misuse, etc...), their responsibility is to inform the customer about a charge that may accompany repairs or replacement. Retailer/distributor/consumer must contact Suunto USA Warranty Department Customer Service (1-800-543-9124) prior to any return to obtain authorization and instructions. Product must be returned to the Suunto USA Service Center where it will be repaired and sent back to retailer/distributor /consumer. Return shipment to retailer/distributor/consumer will be made after payment has been secured.
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How do I determine if a product is still under warranty?
• Check the receipt of purchase or warranty card. Starting from 2002, Suunto products carry a (2) year warranty. Prior to 2002, Suunto products carry a one (1) year warranty.
• Check the manufacturing year from serial number 30912345 (2003 week 9).
• Check the condition. If major scratches, hits or otherwise mechanical misuses are indicated, it is not under warranty. If product looks used but no major scratches are visible, it can be under warranty if warranty is still valid.
• When unsure, please call your Suunto contact person.
• If warranty ended over one (1) year ago, direct assumption is that it will not qualify for warranty repair and a cost estimate must be given.
• Cost estimate will be given by Suunto USA Warranty Department Customer Service (1-800-543-9124).
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How do I get a product replacement?
A 15% restocking charge will apply to all returned product. Product can be returned for credit only. In addition, a 5% charge will apply to product that has been pre-ticketed and/or labeled with security tags. Product return policies do not apply to special orders. Special order sales are final, no returns.
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How do I go about getting a Return Material Authorization number (RMA)?
No product may be returned directly to Suunto USA without first contacting Suunto USA for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. If it is determined that the product may be defective, you will be given an RMA number and instructions for product return. An unauthorized return (i.e. one for which an RMA number has not been used), will be refused and returned at sender’s expense. Authorized returns are to be shipped prepaid and insured to: Suunto USA/2030 Lincoln Avenue/Ogden, UT 84401. RMA number must be clearly marked on outside of shipping container. To request an RMA, please contact Suunto USA Warranty Customer Service at 1-800-543-9124.
PLEASE NOTE: A Return Authorization (RMA), number does not imply that credit or exchange will be issued. It is only an authorization to return product to us for evaluation. We reserve the right to reject any return based on its condition or non-compliance with our return policy.
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Unauthorized or Refused Returns
Suunto USA does not recognize unauthorized returns or exchanges. Suunto USA reserves the right to refuse packages without a Return Authorization number.
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Technical Support
FAQ’s & Help Desk
This will give you answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Suunto products
Technical Support
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X10 (5.1mb PDF file)
Core (1.1mb PDF file)
Lumi (792kb PDF file)
X6/X6M (724kb PDF file)
Observer (2.5mb PDF file)
X6HR (992kb PDF file)
Advizor (1mb PDF file)
X3HR (908kb PDF file)
Vector/X-lander, Altimax,
S-lander (1.2mb PDF file)

Yachtsman/Mariner/Regatta (552kb PDF file)
M3 (1.5mb PDF file)
G6/G6PRO (2.7mb PDF file)

t6c (1.1mb PDF)
t4c (2.2mb PDF)
t3c (1.5mb PDF)
t1/t1c (1.5mb PDF)

GPS POD (836kb PDF)
Road Bike POD (504kb PDF)
Bike POD (504kb PDF)
Cadence POD (260kb PDF)
Foot POD (636kb PDF)
PC POD (420kb PDF)

D9 (5.3mb PDF)
D6 (6mb PDF)
D4 (3.2mb PDF)

(192 kb PDF)

Suunto Service Request

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