Parallel 33 Sales Group has over 18 years of sales experience with a highly diversified customer base specializing in the outdoor, fitness and jewelry retail markets. Our mission is to utilize creative business ideas to increase market share and sales profitability for our customer. To provide them with great customer service, excellent technical support and build solid, long term, business relationships. We have a passion for the outdoors and strive to connect vendors, retailers and consumers with innovative, cutting edge products.

Bill Schmid has been working in the Outdoor Industry for over 11 years with the last 5 years having been spent as an independent sales rep for a variety of coveted outdoor brands. Prior to that, he worked in-house at Suunto as a Southwest sales manager and tech rep. He began his outdoor career at Adventure-16 as a backpack instructor, and customer service manager. In 2008 he founded his own sales agency, Parallel 33 Sales Group, and hasn’t looked back since.

Born in Denver and raised in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Bill caught the sales bug during a summer sales job selling educational books door to door to help pay for college at CU. After college he spent 10 years in the printing industry learning sales techniques, how to manage sales territories and establish strong business relationships. After moving to San Diego in 1998, Bill transitioned from the printing industry to the outdoor industry after reading a book called “The Artist’s Way”, which changed his whole outlook on life and encouraged him to pursue his true passion, the outdoor industry where he continues to thrive to this day. Currently, he lives in San Diego with his wife Lisa and daughter Mollie. Bill is an avid skier who also enjoys surfing, running, climbing and mountain biking.


Jonas Goldsmith is an outdoor enthusiast who loves rock climbing, skiing, cycling, and camping. His passion for the outdoors led him to a sales associate position at REI where he worked for four years. At REI, he was able to hone his selling skills assisting customers in purchasing equipment purchases that successfully matched their particular interests and skill levels in the camping, climbing, snow, and action sports departments.

Jonas graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Cal Sate San Marcos and additionally has taken several marketing courses at the University of California San Diego. In 2010, Jonas joined the Parallel 33 Sales Group where he works with others who also share his passion for the outdoors. Jonas is a member of the Allied Climbers of San Diego, the Access Fund, and the American Alpine Club.


Damien Gomez comes from the retail market where he worked as an Operations and Sales manager in San Diego and Santa Barbara for Staples and CompUSA.  When he moved to LA in 2011, he changed gears and entered the outdoor market as store manager for the specialty running store Top to Top in Santa Monica.  Over the 3 years at the store, Damien immersed himself in the running community providing clinics for LA’s marathon training groups and became a regular fixture in the mountains with the SoCal Coyotes trail running group.
Through his childhood, Damien’s family would spend summers backpacking in the sierras or camping remote beaches in Baja.  Vacations seldom mean relaxing for him and more often involve climbing mountains where the oxygen is thin, through hiking the John Muir Trail  or running jungle trails in Kauai.  Every year Damien travels with college friends to a different adventure hiking the JMT, running the Napali coast, climbing Mt Whiney and Mt Shasta.  Otherwise regular life will just as likely involve running marathons and trail races as being at home in Studio City.

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